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 An ultramodern production tool for an impeccable quality

Our Shenzhen plant is located in the heart of the largest electronics production area in the world, our different suppliers, raw materials (laminates), inks (solder mask, silkscreen, peel, carbon) and chemical products are also located in the same area.

 The plant is divided in two production lines

One is dedicated to prototypes and small series (quick-turn service), the second one is dedicated to the mass production. The plant works seven days a week in 3 shifts.

The plant is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS16149 certified, it is also UL certified for the American and Canadian markets.

The factory in a few figures:

Over 300 workers
Daily production: 1,100 square meters
2 production lines
7 days a week production in 3 schifts


Manufacturing in China does not mean a lack of environmental policy. The factory is ISO 14000 certified and subject to strict controls by local authorities (water agencies, ministries of the environment).

By definition, the printed circuit board industry is a polluting activity, we use all kinds of materials and products that require reprocessing.

For the record, we work with many substances (gold, tin, nickel, cobalt, copper, silver, zinc, tungsten, resins, inks, etc.) as many elements in liquid, pasty and solid form that can't be rejected in nature.

The factory is equipped with purification plants however, the treatment does not stop there, the sludge resulting from the purification are then incinerated while the liquid waste requires treatment by approved companies.

Soiled rags, pots and drums have their own drains.

Printed circuits boards - Prototypes - Engineering - Stencils