Formatronic: Printed Circuits Boards / PCB manufacturer / France

Any manufacturing requires an initial analysis of the client file, as the basis for all active or passive components, and the printed circuit – first passive component – is the core of any electronics.

Our engineers have an average of 18 years of experience, providing them with perfect mastery of the subject. We attach a lot of importance to their career development and provide them with regular on-going training.

Our team of engineers uses ORCAD and VISUAL CAM for their work and on a daily basis they design new printed circuits, prepare their solder paste but also ensure layout and routing of new projects according to diagrams and nomenclature provided by our clients.

The special PCB RECOVERY service launched in 2010 enables us to offset the complete absence of technical documentation. We are able to generate a Gerber file from a printed circuit and thereby restore life to a board.

Processing diagram of files by the technical department