Formatronic: Printed Circuits Boards / PCB manufacturer / France

The Printed Circuit

1940: Invention in the USA for military applications (missiles)
1946 : 1946: The US army authorizes the publication of patents
1948: The printed circuit becomes a productive industrial manufacturing process

Who we are?

The FORMATRONIC company was founded in 1993 by Michel Sadoul, one of the precursors of the printed circuit in France. The primary objective was to combine production flexibility and competitiveness in a market that is undergoing radical changes.

At the end of the 90s, a first contract was signed with a manufacturer in Shenzhen in Southern China for medium and large volumes of single-sided multilayer while FORMATRONIC moved to Romania for prototypes and small series with fast turnaround .

In 2005, an engineering company was created in northeastern Romania with a team of three electronics engineers. In 2006, a sales division strengthens the sales development team in Eastern Europe.

In 2008, FORMATRONIC extends its range of products and offers its first High Tech printed circuits with laser. The company is now able to respond to requirements that require engraving beyond class V.

At the beginning of the 2010s, FORMATRONIC launched the Routing and Installation service followed by the PCB RECOVERY service intended to compensate for the lack of files and documentation following a data loss. This service delivery allows to recreate a Gerber file and to revive the printed circuit.

In 2014, the company sets up in Southern China with a triple objective:

- Developing sales abroad

- Coordinating deliveries, particularly by sea

- Creating an engineering office to manage the factory / customer technical interface