Formatronic: Printed Circuits Boards / PCB manufacturer / France

PRESTICIMO ® is the quick-turn service developed by FORMATRONIC for prototypes and small batches.
A factory in the factory...
A special workshop is dedicated to the production of the prototypes and small batches with its own production line.
24 hours for a single and a double layer PCB.
48 hours for a 4 layers PCB
72 hours for a 6 layers PCB
4 working days for a 8 layers
These production times are calculated on the basis of a standard printed circuit board, lead free HASL or immersion gold finishing. We need the complete Gerber files before 9 AM (GMT+1).
A special stack-up (controlled impedance) or a specific technical request (buried holes, blind via holes, etc...) can require one or two additional working days.
ou must add the delivery time, we usually work with UPS.