FORMATRONIC, PCB manufacturer since 1993

Formatronic: PCB / PCB manufacturer / France

PCB manufacturer from prototypes to mass production

PCB manufacturing from prototypes to mass production Our company is specialized in the manufacture of professional printed circuits boards since 1993, quick-turn service and mass production according to the IPC-A600 requirements.

2 factories, the first one in Eastern Europe, the second located in Shenzhen (southern China) work non-stop and produce a large range of PCB.

Our engineers check, analyze, prepare and panelize your files according to your specifications, they generate the soldering paste files and monitor production from the laminate cut to the final inspection.

Over 25 years of experience make us leader in making flexible and rigid PCB, we also offer support and advice for all your projects.

Ultra-modern production facilities for a high-quality level

Our Chinese factory is located in Shenzhen in the heart of the biggest PCB production area in the world, where are all our suppliers we work daily with (laminate, solder mask, inks, chemical products).

We offer a large range of printed circuits boards :

  • Rigid PCB from 1 to 32 layers
  • HDI boards laser drilling, blind via, buried and semi buried holes
  • Flexible PCB from 1 to 8 layers
  • Flex-Rigid PCB from 1 to 16 layers
  • Aluminium boards
  • Special stack-up and controlled impedance
  • LEAD FREE HAL, Immersion Gold, Electrolytical Gold, Immersion Silver, OSP, soft & hard-gold.
  • Plated edge, filled via (solder mask, tin, copper) PRESS FIT.
  • Special laminates (Arlon, Rogers, Taconic, Hitachi, ITEQ, Wangling, Nelco)
All our PCB are controlled and e-tests throughout the production process in order to guarantee an irreproachable quality. All the boards are inspected by AOI and the multilayers are X-ray controlled.

Our printed circuits boards are UL certified and conform to RoHS and REACH directives.

We deliver throughout Europe and all over the world by UPS and FEDEX.

Do not hesitate to contact our LIVE CHAT for your RFQs and technical questions.